About The Clique

The Clique is a west coast guild on the US-Norgannon server. The guild is made up of fun, friendly, and (mostly) mature adults. Our focus as a guild is to progress through end-game content while still remaining casual in our approach and attitude. We are known for being a great casual guild, many times breaking the top 5 alliance guilds on our server.

Current focus:
The Clique is focused on Raiding in Legion.  We schedule a raid twice per week on Tuesday and Sunday.  Invites start at 11:00pm EST (8:00pm PST) and our raids end at 2:15am EST (11:15pm PST).  We use the EPGP: DKP Reloaded system for loot distribution to ensure fair loot distribution.

In game feel free to contact Xiae, Hadorya, or Mason if you have any questions.

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First night in Trial of Valor!

by Hadorya/Seribahala, 27 days ago

Two new bosses down on our first night in ToV! Great job all!




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Last boss down!

by Hadorya/Seribahala, 29 days ago

Great job on getting through heroics everyone!


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Blowing up heroics!

by Hadorya/Seribahala, 35 days ago




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Second night of raids!

by Hadorya/Seribahala, 70 days ago

Two more bosses down on night two!




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Legion Raiding Has Begun.

by SuperMason, 77 days ago


Pic courtesy of wowhead

Welcome to Legion Raiding!

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